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VueScan Pro has much more user-control over scan quality than any software possibly except for the varieties of SilverFast for those who want the utmost possible quality in their scans.

Curtis Bisel on May 10, at I have owned a scanner for over 4 years and that is equiped with two lenses. VueScan Pro, considerably less expensive than many versions of SilverFast, works with any of over 2, different scanner makes and models, including many older models whose manufacturers no longer support current operating systems on either Mac or Windows. Olaf Isele on October 28, at 8: However, to digitize massive quantities of slides at reasonable quality, suitable for later editing as needed, they seem to be a reasonable option to consider.

Epson Scan Scanning Software Included. Michael Selewach on September 29, at 8: When I wrote this article, I was very focused on the intended audience of those shopping for a new scanner, and so I made the assumption they would only be paying attention to models in the current lineup for comparison.

Epson V vs V — The 5 Differences and Which You Should Buy

Choose the Epson V, because I can scan 12 slides at once together a good quality of the result. You can order a print copy of the VueScan Bible on the hamrick web site. My guess is that the V-8xx scanners are likely to be the last high-quality flatbed scanners to be released at any price. I know camera scanning may be an amazing option for some who are already comfortable with using a DLSR or have the desire to invest and learn.

I have not yet purchased a scanner. A Google search for that model will show several pages of results, many of them being reviews. And the V series came out in the fall of Curtis, Do you have any views on the effectiveness of the v with regards to artwork such as watercolours or even oils that have a bit of texture to them? It is not correct to state that the and are the only scanners with the two lens set up.

Hi Andrew, I share your sentiments about needing to subscribe to any program, such as those from Adobe. The DNG format records ALL of the data your scanner and computer are capable of capturing so it can be processed as often as you want at any time. Some users have also commented about Silverfast having a fairly steep learning curve, but you can find an html version of the user guide for VueScan Pro at http: Curtis Bisel on October 19, at 6: Try to take some actual pictures in the store on your own memory card offer to buy a card from the storethen take the card home and compare the results on your computer set to show them at life-size.

With VueScan Pro, you could change your make and model of scanner to any of over 2, different ones. As I recall, you can contact him via email, and ask about custom-made holders if you have other specific needs.

After weighing up the options, I pulled the trigger this afternoon on the V! Will the V be able to handle the fading so that the software can identify and bring back the colors or would the V be a better choice.

Epson V800 vs V850 — The 5 Differences and Which You Should Buy

Thank you for expressing your feelings about camera scanning. They also write the metadata directly to your v7000 files, without trapping it in a proprietary database that forces you to use a specific program to view or use your metadata. Andrea den Dulk on January 5, at I was trying to learn the difference between the two and it looks like I will pay the extra money and get the The Epson flatbeds work well for prints and other reflective materials as for slides and negatives.

I can see from the past couple of days of reading that the info here is manula to be invaluable going forward with my project.

Only you can decide for sure which make and model will best epwon your current and likely future needs for a scanner. And slides take more time to scan than prints, so I also probably could have scanned all of those slides a little bit faster too. Hi Curtis — will the V scan View-Master reels? More significant differences are likely to be found in the operation of the camera menu choices and the physical feel and fit of the camera body perfectiln lens in your hands.

Please let us know in this group what you learn. Curtis Bisel on June 10, at 5: How big do you want to be able to print your digital images? Also keep in mind that such a scanner will do only one slide or negative at a time. L Farr on September 1, at 2: They are also supported by VueScan Pro. Considering how long the previous V7xx series was for sale, the V8xx series that replaced it is still fairly new when comparing it to a similar lifespan length.

Scanning Kodochrome slides can be challenging and often leaves them with a bluish tint. Curtis Bisel on July 11, at 5: So, I went with the next best thing, and picked up the Epson Perfection V I really appreciate that! So, you can scan negatives with the digital camera set up? Afterwards an algorithm calculates the final scan, which now contains any detail, from each single scan. Are the Epson scanners that much better across the board?

Ed on November 25, at Epson Perfection V Pro. You definitely want to sleep well knowing that you bought as good of a scanner as you wanted to.

First you get a copy of Epson Scan, a very adequate and easy to use application made by Epson. Go with whichever feels more natural and comfortable dosnload you while still meeting your budget.