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By describing the federal government around common business areas instead of by a stovepiped, agency-by-agency view, the BRM promotes agency collaboration and serves as the underlying foundation for the FEA and E-Gov strategies.

It provides guidance in describing architectures for multi-organizational functional segments of the Federal Government. Who uses the personal data?

A Business Capability is defined as the ability to execute a specified course of action, to achieve specific strategic goals and objectives.

And each Service Type is decomposed further into components. Redirected from Federal Enterprise Architecture. What applications need to be upgraded or replaced? The Enterprise Architecture repository should already be able to answer all of these questions.

In the FEA enterprise, segment, and solution architecture provide different business perspectives by varying the level of detail and addressing related but distinct concerns.

Consequently, the primary stakeholders of the EA are the senior managers and executives tasked with ensuring the agency fulfills its mission as effectively and efficiently as possible. The FEA is built using an assortment of reference models that develop a common taxonomy and ontology for describing IT resources. Enterprise Architects, Business Architects, Risk Managers and Compliance Managers are in a strong position to assist the business to review their existing data flows and applications against the GDPR requirements.

Enterprise Architecture is much more than a list of components. Connections provide the behaviour in a model. I have been evangelising about Archimate for a few years now in the UK and elsewhere.

With Digital Architecture, companies dwnload designing their business with an Outside -In approach, designing their value xrchitecture around what customers really want in their customer journeys.

This includes principles for using EA to help agencies eliminate waste and duplication, increase shared services, close performance gaps, and promote engagement among government, industry, and citizens. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. The most familiar federal enterprise architecture is the enterprise architecture of the Federal government of the United Statesthe U. The combined volumes enteerprise the DRM support data classification and enable horizontal and vertical information sharing.

Something like GDPR is exactly the kind of strategic change scenario that Enterprise Architecture is designed to support.

Purpose of GDPR

My answer is copied below. To get the right answers you need to ask the right questions. The enterprise will include partners and suppliers as well.

By contrast, ” segment architecture ” defines a simple architeecture for a core mission area, business service, or enterprise service. Accessed 2 April Function describes units of business capability at all levels of granularity. It has lots of uses. Probably its not longer compliant. Archimate can be used diwnload model Content at several different levels of knowledge, information and data.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. These visualisations are good to use to inform on the scope and context, but they really only tell us half the story.

TOGAF®, an Open Group standard | The Open Group

Each Service Domain is decomposed into Service Types. Companies that already have a healthy and strategic Enterprise Architecture Capability will be in a much stronger position. Strategy, Business Architecture, Information and Data Architecture of course, Services and Application Architecture and also the technology and infrastructure Architecture, where the personal data will be stored. Volume One of the DRM provides a high-level overview of the structure, usage, and data-identification constructs.

Examples of Capabilities include: