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It often concerned problems between countries, which escalated when the monarchs were unable to solve their differences at the negotiation table. The diplomatic and military means may thus be seen as alternative ways of reaching the same goal—influencing another country in a desired way. Check out the map. When a king, queen, dictator, or despot dies, one of the following will occur: It will be noted that the Catholic Church was also reformed from within.

So picking a large nation to start with gives you a few advantages: Some may hold their throne for many years; others may survive for only a few short months before they die.

The only restriction placed on the senior member of a personal union is to prohibit it from declaring war on the junior partner.

The HRE is a complex political system and it takes time to fully understand its many mechanics, but one general rule is that taking land from the HRE is generally a very bad idea unless you’re playing as an expansionist France and you are very confident in both you and your allies’ abilities.

If your country has a high level of tolerance toward a specific religion, your relations will improve as time passes, while they will deteriorate with regard to religions where tolerance is low.

You may notice some figures on your provinces, such as a 3D “toy soldier” to represent your armies, or small 3D ships. The disadvantage is that you, as the leader, may never leave the alliance yourself, but have to wait until it expires.

Beginner’s guide

It may also mean that your country forces another country to change state religion, or another country forces your country to change.

Select the new vassal maunal you would like to cre- compete; decrease the cost unlversalis build prov- ate by clicking on its shield. There are three slots for three different categories of advisors: There are some buildings that ment button in the Province Management in- can only be constructed in coastal provinces, terface.

Click on any available improvement.

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Your military technology level compared to that your enemy is of vital importance during every conflict, so before getting yourself into a war, make sure to check how advanced your future conquest is.

The force limit is a “soft cap” which means that you can build over that quantity of regiments or ships, except that each additional unit will cost more and more. In the scenario start screen, the game will make suggestions of some of the larger powers available during your current scenario.

Unfortunately the manual is not very useful today, as it hasn’t been kept up to date and EU4 has changed a lot in the few years since it was released. Provides your country with 2 additional diplomats each year.

Lastly is the army maintenance slider. During war, you can consolidate understrength regiments.

User Guides and Service Manuals. Even if an opponent may seem weak at the moment, it may be possible that they are recruiting units out of your sight or bringing far-off armies in to reinforce their position.

In modern democratic countries matters of faith are viewed as concerns on which each individual must take a stand. Somewhat traditionally, when it comes to games developed by Paradox Interactive, you need to pay attention to the software’s version which, in the case of this guide, was 1. Even your initial ruler is unlikely to die on the same.

This is a very risky strategy, however help may arrive in the form of other AI nations euroap war on your opponent in order to further their own goals.

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If the item is greyed out, the tool tip will buildings and six incremental eufopa of fortifi- also explain why. These will be explained in greater detail later on, but we will mention them here anyway.

The country whose ruler has died must immediately decide which of the two countries to support, and becomes the junior member of a personal union with that realm. This page was last modified on 22 Februaryat Provides 1 additional diplomat and 3 colonists each year.


Now that we have looked closely at your indi. Examples of Reformist countries include Holland, Switzerland, and Scotland. The level of tolerance affects the risk of rebellion in your provinces according to the tolerance toward the provincial religionand also your diplomatic relations with other countries.