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Sealed lead acid batteries contain most of these gasses allowing them to recombine into the electrolyte. A battery cell consists of two lead plates a positive plate covered with a paste of lead dioxide and a negative made of sponge typew, with an insulating material separator in between.

In order to prevent Battery Stratificationan Lead acid battery types pdf download Charge increasing charging voltage to This build-up will continue after each recharging cycle and gradually the battery will begin to loose capacity to store a full charge and eventually must be replaced.


Each cell is capable of storing 2. If the electrolyte level drops below the tops of the plates, irreparable damage may occur. Since most RV and Marine craft owners seldom remember to perform this function, Progressive Dynamics has developed the microprocessor controlled Charge Wizard. Notice that some lead sulfate sulfation still remains on the plates. Tap water contains minerals that will reduce battery capacity and increase their self-discharge rate.

When a battery is fully charged the electrolyte will not freeze until the temperature drops to approximately degrees F. It is best to check your battery water level frequently and add distilled water when lead acid battery types pdf download.

However, this lower voltage lead acid battery types pdf download not provide enough gassing to prevent a battery condition called Battery Stratification. Another disadvantage of recharging a lead acid battery at a fixed voltage of Battery Construction Lead acid batteries used in the RV and Marine Industries usually consist of two 6-volt batteries in series, or a single volt battery.

In figure 2 below, six single 2. These batteries are constructed of several single cells connected in series each cell produces approximately 2.

Battery Basics

Battery Stratification is caused by the fact lead acid battery types pdf download the electrolyte in the battery is a mixture of water and acid and, like all mixtures, lad component, the acid, is heavier than water. This Equalizing Charge feature is standard on our Marine chargers. A six-volt battery has three single cells, which when fully charged produce an output voltage of 6.

The size of the battery plates and amount of electrolyte determines the amount downlpad charge lead acid batteries can store. If the battery is overcharged pressure from these gasses will cause relief caps to open and vent, resulting in some water loss.

Battery Basics – Progressive Dynamics

This chemical reaction also begins to coat both positive and negative plates with a substance called lead sulfate also known as sulfation shown as a yellow build-up on plates.

Progressive Dynamics has developed intelligent charging systems that solve battery problems and reduce battery maintenance. Also, using batteries in a hot climate will require more frequent watering. A twelve-volt battery has six single cells in series producing a fully charged output voltage of The plates are enclosed in a plastic battery case and then submersed in an electrolyte consisting of water and sulfuric acid see figure 1.

As the battery continues to discharge, lead sulfate coats more and more of the plates and battery voltage begins to decrease from fully charged state of The size of this lead acid battery types pdf download capacity is described as the amp hour AH rating of a battery. As you have learned, in lead acid battery types pdf download to properly charge and maintain a lead acid battery you must use an intelligent charging system.

A battery with a amp hour rating would self-discharge at a rate of approximately five amps per week.

Answers to Common Questions about Batteries. This higher voltage causes gassing that equalizes re-mixes the electrolyte solution. In lead acid battery types pdf download to recharge a volt lead acid battery with a fully charged terminal voltage of Keep your batteries charged while not in use!

One disadvantage of recharging a lead acid battery at a fixed voltage of Gassing causes water loss and therefore lead acid batteries need to have water added periodically.

Progressive Dynamics, Inteli-Power Series RV converters with a Charge Wizard installed, or one of our Inteli-Power Marine Battery Chargers will provide the intelligent charging system your battery needs for a long life, with low maintenance.

Check your battery water level frequently. Add water to your battery after it has been fully charged, never when the battery is partially discharged.

Always recharge baytery RV or Marine battery as soon as possible to prevent loss of battery capacity due to the build-up of hard lead sulfate crystals!