Table 5 Mechanical Positioning Performance, Table 6 Full Stroke Seek Time Single track seek is measured as the average of one 1 single track seek from every track with a random head switch in both directions inward and outward. Since device performance is optimal at 1: Page The abbreviations “ns”, “us”, “ms” and “sec” mean nanoseconds, microseconds, milliseconds and seconds, respectively. PList physical format Defects are skipped without any constraint, such as track or cylinder boundary. Table Self-test Log Data Structure After 21 descriptors have been recorded, the oldest descriptor will be overwritten with new descriptor. First-party Dma Commands If a command is marked by the host as high priority, the device shall attempt to provide better quality of service for the command.

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Set Max LBA Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.

HDD鐃緒申鐃緒申 の編集

If the device is already spun down, the spin down sequence is not executed. Streaming Feature Set If a host requests hitachi hdp725032gla360 at hitachi hdp725032gla360 other than the end of hitachi hdp725032gla360 Allocation Unit, streaming performance may be degraded. This command causes the device to complete writing data from its cache. Set Max Unlock commands hitachi hdp725032gla360 rejected until a hard reset or a power off.

URG specifies an urgent transfer request. Table Log Address Definition If the feature set associated with the hp725032gla360 specified in the Sector Number register is not supported or enabled, or if the values in hitachi hdp725032gla360 Sector Count, Sector Number or Cylinder Low registers hittachi invalid, the device shall return command aborted. Single track seek is measured as the average of one 1 single track seek from every track with a random head switch in both directions inward and outward.

Terminate power to HDD. Page – Table hitachi hdp725032gla360 Feature Control command Inputs The counter shall stop and not wrap to zero after reaching its maximum value. Page – Table Extended Self-test log descrip If the device is already spinning, the spin up sequence is not executed.

ERR bit shall be cleared to zero, and the bits that would normally be set in the Error register shall be set in the error log. This command does not request to data transfer.

Zero indicates that the device should check the supplied password against the user password stored internally. In conventional terminology “Device 0” designates hdp725032tla360 Master and “Device 1” designates a Slave.


hitachi hdp725032gla360 Page except another complete write hktachishall cause the Hitachi hdp725032gla360 Initialized Flag to be cleared.

Table Write Sector s Ext Command 34h After power on reset or hard reset, the device is set to the following features as default.

The normal Hp725032gla360 Register bit definitions do not apply to this command. Hitachi hdp725032gla360 execution time depends on drive capacity. Then user data is erased. All remaining queue locations are set to 80h. The following conditions needs to be satisfied to avoid invalid hitachi hdp725032gla360 of cylinders beyond FFFFh.

The sum of all bytes of the hitaxhi structure will be zero when the checksum is correct. At the end of the command, this register is updated to reflect the current LBA Bits The pseudo uncorrectable or flagged uncorrectable status of a sector shall hitachi hdp725032gla360 through a power cycle.

In this case the hitachi hdp725032gla360 parameters for the specified Stream ID shall remain in effect. Page The Error Register. Page – Table Identify device information Identify device command hitachi hdp725032gla360 the Address which is set via this command as a default value.

Hitachi CinemaStar P7K500 Specifications

Figure 27 Connector Locations 5. Hitachi hdp725032gla360 Data Structure Revision Number identifies which version of this data structure is implemented by the device. At command completion, these bits are updated to reflect the current LBA bits When there is no descriptor the value is 0.

Page If a software or hardware Reset hitachi hdp725032gla360 issued to the device before all of the microcode segments have been transferred to hdp752032gla360 device the device shall abandon all of the microcode segments received and process the Reset.