In Ubuntu 11 it is not recognised as a device. Hi, I have a 4GB transcend, my pen drive is not showing any files or folder. I have got a Kingston pen drive GB from China. I tried all the options suggested above but unable to fix my problem. Dear Sir, I have pendrive when i connect in my pc its saying in device manager Unknown Device.

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But I insert it in usb samsung octoedge dvd, there is no response and not any msg. Pls help me in this regard. An message comes that please insert a drive. U solved my problem.

USB pen drive detected but doesn’t show up in My Computer

I have a 2GB pendrive its not getting detected. What should i do? So now i wanna ask that i still can safe all my document inside my pendrive o not?? Just go to device manager right click samsung octoedge dvd manage and you will see it u will see the brand name or samsung octoedge dvd like that right click on it and click uninstall.

I have pendrive when i connect in my pc samsung octoedge dvd saying in device manager Unknown Device. At my office where I workmy drive gets detected normallyand functions perfectly. Samung is not recognized under samsung octoedge dvd computer or computer management but works fine when I plug it into my laptop that runs Windows 7. I have used Window 7 os. I tried the disk management but its not there?

Whenever i insert my pendrive into the system, i listen the pendrive detecting sound again and again…as if sqmsung system recognizes the pendrive and then automatically detaches it. When i connect it to samung laptop it shows as Removable Disk. In disk management NO partitions are shown and when double clicking on the drive in Samsung octoedge dvd Computer, it asks you to insert a disk.

And the divice status says: I plugged in my USB pen yesturday and fod some reason my computer doesnt detect it? Please tell me what to do regarding this mail me. Hi, I wasted my sleep for the last 2 days thinking about the resolution posted on this forum, as I myself went through the same problem — and ultimately couple of mins back I just resolved it — I dont know whether the setps mentioned above resolves samsung octoedge dvd issue because even Microsoft KB mentions the same.

Wait for windows to install the driver.

I plugged in my USB pen yesturday,it worked ,,, my computer detects octiedge other pendrive today, but this one has suddenly stopped working? Initially it was working fine. When I checked properties of the pen drive, it was showing 22GB data stored in it. Please mail me some appropriate solution to this problem. Where we can see portable drive when we open dismanagement window.?? Its working fine now.

It occurs mostly with samsung octoedge dvd pen drives connected to your computer for the first time. Any clues — How to fix this problem Regards Kulbhushan. Then attach your Pen drive and checkand let me know, If it works. Samsung octoedge dvd we have to do the same setups in every systems where we connect this USB?

I have a 8GB Transcend pendrive.

Try to keep the same format as your operating samsung octoedge dvd. Whei insertd my kingston samsung octoedge dvd pen swmsung it shows removable disc F: Very Important files in the my Pen Drive. Right click on your portable drive and click change drive letter and paths Uts very nice. Before your try any troubleshootingjust try ur Pendrive on any other PC to check if it is getting recognize. The perfect fix, worked great!!

My pen dreve name Team Fusition 4gb. If i do this, my pendrive doesnt appear, because samsung octoedge dvd s show up as a 0 mb storage device. The pen drive will be detected but when u want 2 access it, it will tell u 2 insert disk in the drive. I copied all my contents and replaced my user profile. Had the same problem. Its not detected by my windows xp machine.

Hi, I have a 4GBmy pen drive is not showing dvr files or folder.

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What do i do??? This indirectly helped me fix my issue. Thanks I Assinged drive letter and it worked.