March 28, Neurotechnology releases new cloud-based biometric time and attendance service, updates NCheck Bio Attendance. The same algorithms are also available in the MegaMatcher Embedded 1. April 27, MegaMatcher 3. The VeriEye placed in the top four for iris recognition accuracy and the top two for speed among algorithms from 11 participating companies and universities. Samples for all programming languages updated.

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It includes support for ISO and ANSI fingerprint minutiae templates in the dermalog zf1 extractor and fingerprint matcher components, which lowers the cost of systems that require support for most common biometric standards. Irmantas Naujikas, Business Development Director dermalog zf1 Neurotechnology, will speak about identification and de-duplication at national scale using biometrics February 24, Forum Session 2, We are always looking for scanner manufacturers to include the support for their fingerprint scanners to our products.

Please, contact us for more information. Suprema BioMini Slim 2 fingerprint reader.

List of supported fingerprint readers and sensors with their properties

The SDK provides real-time face identification using video surveillance cameras. Scans dual flat fingerprints. User grouping functionality enables companies with multiple branches to manage users in defined groups instead of as individuals.

The Neurotechnology algorithm placed dermalog zf1 the top four dermalog zf1 iris identification accuracy dermaalog the top two for speed among the dermalof algorithms from 12 participating companies and research institutions. The latest solution from Neurotechnology provides very fast identification using either iris or fingerprint biometrics or both combined for even higher reliability.

These biometric scanners and cameras are now supported by the MegaMatcher 4.

November sf1, VeriLook Surveillance 1. Enriched Android support — a new multi-modal sample and new liveness check dermalog zf1 that provide support for custom liveness checks.

Supported Biometric Scanners and Sensors

March 2, All biometric and object dermalog zf1 products have been updated. October 12, Dermalog zf1 1. U support module for Microsoft Windows added to Ddermalog 2. Voice modality — an entirely new voice recognition algorithm provides better recognition accuracy in text-independent scenarios.

The new version features:. August 29, SentiSight 3. The face recognition algorithm also provides improved facial feature points detection for higher reliability and speed, faster face template extraction from video streams dermalog zf1 new age estimation capabilities that enable it to be used in a range of applications beyond biometric dermalog zf1.

September 9, FaceCell 1. Read press release and case study PDF. The iris recognition algorithm provides enhanced accuracy through improved iris extraction capabilities.

This includes new checks for face darkness, pixelation, looking away, skin reflections, glasses dermalog zf1, skin tone, washed out colors, red eye and ICAO dermalog zf1 for red-eye correction.

September 15, Updated biometric products line. Zf 31, VeriFinger 6. March 8, New biometric scanners:.

Biometric Software, Sensors and Security Products | Fulcrum Biometrics

Database synchronization with a new Android client supports workers in remote locations where network connections dermalog zf1 unavailable. Also, it can accurately detect dermalog zf1 and can be used to locate irises in images that are captured in both the zc1 range and in visible light.

October 27, MegaMatcher Accelerator 4. Integrated dual zv1 scanner. SkyBiometry provides a cloud platform for fast, accurate biometric technology, introduces face biometrics dermalog zf1 with face detection, feature analysis and identification.

The freeware application works with a webcam to capture hand dermalog zf1 for controlling computer programs without a mouse or touchpad. The demo application enrolls and identifies faces from image file, camera or webcam. The new version includes a number dermalog zf1 significant enhancements and features:.

Improved blob-based recognition algorithm features faster learning and recognition time, as well as 2 times smaller model size.