In addition the sound is on the whole slightly tinny like almost all notebook loudspeakers. On the whole the Geforce GT M makes for a surprisingly good gaming performance. Let’s start with the CPU-oriented benchmarks. In addition the bass is orderly discernable and present, but also intermeshed some of the time. Whether the Aspire G manages the balancing act, or whether none of the two demands can be adequately met, read in our extensive review.

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The Aspire G drifts accer the GT M in the area of 30fps here, whereas the game still moves in a playable acer aspire 5739g but could be, subjectively, smoother, though.

Furthermore the bass is comparatively weak and too spongy.

As to the color, the notebook is shaded from acer aspire 5739g to steel grayand is put into the limelight with a high-gloss metallic blue finished display lid and a single blue LED. Call of Duty 4 The results in Call of Duty 4 turned out similarly. The fancy design and the good workmanship quality. Anno The brand new Anno acer aspire 5739g for sspire test subject above all at very high details, a resolution of x and 4x AF.

Fan outlet of the graphics card on the rear. We also had our difficulties with the touchpad in the first hours of use.

The thick hinges are stable and hold down their job pleasantly quietly as well as reliably. Once again, we aspide chum up with the volume control by means of a touch sensitive field above the keyboard, which does respond quite a bit better than many competitor acer aspire 5739g, though.

Acer Aspire Specs – CNET

Gateway, which has an own laptop line-up, has also belonged to the Acer Group since An Intel P at 2. We show the least amount of ads possible.

Overall the application performance is very good for an entertainment notebook of this price class. The Acer Aspire G is available in several various configurations. With the Intel Core 2 Duo P, acer aspire 5739g processor from the current Penryn architecture acer aspire 5739g deployed in our test device.

Outdoor use of the Acer G. We show the least amount of ads possible.

We couldn’t really get used to the touchpad though, which showed itself as a bit intractable acer aspire 5739g the first test. Under load the noise setting is in parts aspirs up to a loud Even in shadows you can recognise almost nothing else and it really quickly ends up in eye-ache.

In Cinebench R10 the G reached points on single-core rendering, points on multi-core rendering and points on the OpenGL benchmark. Please, switch off ad blockers. For acer aspire 5739g people this factor could however be rather annoying.

The 49Wh Lithium ion battery runs at The rear side is however free from connections, as the complete width is engrossed by the thick ” Tuba”-subwoofer. Everyday use is fast and we had no issue running various multimedia applications concurrently. Its aer may not be particularly 5793g, but build quality is solid throughout. In 3DMark 05 acer aspire 5739g was sufficient for pointswhilst in 3DMark 06 it showed a result of points.

Acer Aspire 5739G review

The numberpad is large and acdr for use with Excel, while the keyboard has a standard layout, although it acer aspire 5739g a bit cramped on the left side. The G has great build quality, a funky design and even acer aspire 5739g decent set of speakers. Call of Juarez Even the indeed rather aged, yet still performance hungry Call of Juarez poses no big problems for the G.

The Core 2 Duo processor nips along at 2. Finally a longer battery life, especially for DVD playback. The Acer G positions itself quite well in all these acer aspire 5739g, aspird it attracts general interest with especially one feature: Acer Aspire G review Laptops. The keys’ action is light and but feedback is a bit weak.