There is plenty of information scattered around various forums and references online, but we like to think we have a great consolidated starting point right here in the wiki. It’s a while since I installed the software, but there is a point where you are installing a silicon labs USB to UART Bridge – and if it has installed properly, when you plug the linker into your pc, and go to “Device Manager”, you should see it identified – I’ve highlighted it in the attached screenshot. Refer to rule 2, if you’re unsure how to proceed. I am going to install the Linker now. We strongly recommend you check out some prior reading to help understand the concepts of building, maintaining, flying and working with multicopters.

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Turnigy USB linker teardown – SiLabs CP USB TTL conver… | Flickr

Images View all Images in thread. If you’d like to use this link, then just add it turnigy usb linker the end of any product you buy. Any atmel esc with an unlocked bootloader.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. There is plenty of turnigy usb linker scattered around various forums and references online, but we like to think we have a great consolidated starting point right here in the wiki. You have been very helpful. Let’s dig some RC turnigu.

To my the best of my knowledge the turnigy linker is turnigy usb linker same as the afro. The exposed pins of the ESC lead should be on the side with the sticker, and the sticker should be on the opposite side to the seam in the metal USB connector surround.

Turnigy USB linker | RCDig

For this information refer to the ESC manual. There are a number of rooms within the channel but just ask if you want others added.

Navigate Blogs Classifieds Places Search. If not, then please add your own. First thing to install is driver. Depending on the individual case, there will be escalating outcomes, with a permanent ban turnigy usb linker the final one. Summing up thoughts, experiences for you. Unplug USB linker and unplug battery connection. Now, you can download drivers hereand the ESC flashing software from the link here.

Double click on flash. This includes reviews where you have received products for free, or if you are affiliate linking to products in your YouTube video. Please also refer to rule 7. Follow Us On Turnigy usb linker Facebook. Turnigy usb linker loading it,It did refer me to Slicone Labs for a driver but none was available there. My computer tells me that I need a driver.

If you turnigy usb linker something is missing from the wiki, add it or message the mods. First thing we need to do is check if the drivers for the USB linker are installed. Udb is the esc I plan to get.

I am going to install the Linker now.

Turnigy USB linker teardown – SiLabs CP2102 USB TTL converter

Take note on the COM turnigy usb linker number in our case its COM18 because we are going to need this information for the flashing tool.

Report the post or comment using the “report” button just below the post or comment each has trunigy own. Please be open about using affiliate links and don’t just hide them in a link shortener, otherwise your post will be removed. Please contribute your build threads to the main page in the wiki. Turnigy usb linker sure also that the linker is connected properly – some early units tutnigy had the sticker on lknker wrong side, so that would lead you to plug in the ESC turnigy usb linker with the polarity reversed.

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