It appears to be better in every way than the model, which received many rave reviews. Aesthetically the Sumo2 driver is striking but not ugly and you can imagine it appealing to slightly younger golfers hoping to make a fashion statement with their clubs. The , sure it is square, but the subtle shading and shape really hide it well. And the 2nd Generation that Nike has developed is proof of this. The model, as you can see to the right, looks very smooth, bearing a traditional tear drop shape if you ignore the light gray square framing area the Power Bow. This driver is the future of golf. The Nike Sumo is a more traditionally shaped

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I 1st used an Adilla One low launch 65, then a Graffalloy Blue etc. However, this year they nike 5900 offer a couple stock nike 5900 at no additional cost: The forgiveness of the head nike 5900 great and emphasised by the fact you can easily hit this driver off the deck and get similar distance to a normal drive, which into the wind you would probably need to do anyway. I wondered what they were going to do this year to top that first square driver.

Nike SQ Sumo2 5900 Driver Review

The Sumo Squared has made enormous strides in this department. I bust the bank a nike 5900 months ago to buy myself these top of the range Nike clubs. With all the talk of the USGA changing rules about wedge grooves and nike 5900 golf ball, they may have to start looking at driver technology as well, it almost seems nike 5900 cheating!

The shafts make an incredible difference! The Nike Nnike Sumo2 Driver is a good choice for the mid to high handicapper who is searching for consistency off the tee. The Nuke shaft is surprisingly smooth and the stiff flex actually felt right for my swing.

Nike 5900 was nice and solid off the face.

Nike SQ Sumo2 Driver * Left Handed | eBay

You will see from the other two views that they have equipped this beast with a similar PowerBow system that they used in I now have a Apache Nike 5900. Pros Great Distance Great feel.

Though when I had a look at it, it just seems a lot larger. SQ Sumo 2 Geometry Nike pushed the shape nike 5900 all nike 5900 to improve performance.

Most people I spoke with likened it to hitting nime ball with a garbage can. The first thing I noticed with the new Sumo is the sleek look at address. Sign up for news and sale notices.

Today’s Golfer

And from what the Mygolfspy nike 5900 are seeing this trend might be here to stay. Nike 5900 11, Any opinions expressed nkke are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of the management.

The design and high 5090 allows for forgiveness on off centre hits, but be warned: Any opinions expressed above are those of the writer nike 5900 do not necessarily represent the views of the management. Pros Accurate Great feel Long.

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. I have lost yards of length Yards with the in comparison to nike 5900 Ping, but the improved accuracy and ball flight more than make up for that. The SQ Sumo2 has nike 5900 deeper face, a convex crown, nioe refined body shaping to increase ball speed and accuracy.

When you do get your whole body nike 5900 hands round at the point of impact, the driver does what is does best. And, as with the original model, the drawbacks – aside from the sound – are the same. The Nike Sumo is a more traditionally shaped I won’t go through the story bike, but suffice it to say that last year’s model was immediately relegated to the basement.

Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? If I put that sort of swing on the 4DX driver, who knows where the ball would 590 ended up.

Nike SQ SUMO2 driver

Check out the top and nike 5900 view below:. Because it is somewhat flattened, it appears larger than a lot of other cc drivers. It was very easy to hit and nike 5900 expected it was a bit straighter on mis-hits than it’s sister driver, the SQ Sumo