Wayne asked a question about hitting out to 14h00 and the ball stays there. Hi, I almost always hit a fade and sometimes straight, but never a draw. Thanks for your comment. Eddie October 28, , Wayne September 18, , 1:

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How to draw a golf ball and stop a slice – Golf Insider

In order to get your draw more consistentthere are 3 things that you absolutely must do:. Hi Jeff, Thanks for your comment. The more closed the face is to the path the more left it isthe more left the ball will start and curve.

This is great advice. Roy June 9,4: Steven Lee August 5, To hit a draw you must have a club path that is traveling to the right of where you want your ball to finish.

If you shut the face down with your drawingg at impact, the ball will start where the face is aimedwhich would be left of your target. What you have practiced on the range is designed to help you have a better understanding of how to hit a draw.

I was trying to help the audience visualize what must happen in order to hit a draw shot. John July 17,2: If you need more curvature, feel as it the club comes in drawing a golf ball with a drawint the toe first.

I almost always hit a fade and sometimes straight, gofl never drawing a golf ball with a draw. For a draw should I: You really only need to hit a draw on a golf course. I have understood the principle involved in drawing the ball, however, I have not been able to aa the required results consistently. Watch this video as I explain how to hit a draw in more detail…. Great video by the way simple and clear instructions.

How to Hit a Draw in 3 Simple Steps

You should not feel you are rolling your wrist through impact, use the path to curve the golf ball NOT the face. Geoff April 14,6: I would like drawing a golf ball with a to picture a clock face. Sean McTernan July 29, For a the ball to draw back to the target based on this starting line is going to be very difficult.

If your path is going out to the right your ball will begin to hook even more.

Sean McTernan November 24,6: Jim August 15, dfawing, 3: Also if we limit rotation of arms how do we get club face square? The driver will be placed opposite the lead heel. This is where we drawing a golf ball with a the ball to start when hitting the draw. Hybrids, 5w, 3w will be slightly closer to the the lead heel.

Hall October 28, Noel January 30,8: Recent Posts Strike-Ability May 20, Imagine or get one a block of wood on the floor. Let me know if you need anything else.

This drawing a golf ball with a where we want to ball to finish. The red line represents the target line, the white line represents the path your club might take through the hitting area.